AIM-1: Collaboratively document perceptions of disease risk through the use of (a) promotora trainings (n=5), (b) cross-sectional community health survey (n=107), (c) exploratory focus group sessions (n=10), (d) photovoice projects (n=8). The purpose of this stage, the qualitative stage, is multifaceted:

  • Subaim 1A (Training): Promotoras— community health leaders and advocates from Knights Landing– will be trained in CBPR research methods, basic cancer knowledge, and access to cancer resources. Promotoras will help refine research questions, develop culturally-appropriate study designs, and help frame hypotheses to explain the elevated cancer risk in the community.
  • Subaim 1B (Survey): An environmental health survey developed by the research team and promotoras will be administered to a cross-sectional sample Knights Landing residents in order evaluate the prevalence of both cancer risk factors and diseases linked to environmental risk factors.
  • Subaim 1C (Focus Group): Promotoras will then organize focus group sessions with residents that represent various subgroups of Knights Landing to enable the collection of qualitative data in respect to perceptions of environmental disease risk– including specific exposures of concern.
  • Subaim 1D (Photovoice): A subset of participants from the focus groups will be recruited and trained to photographically document the environmental risk factors experienced in Knights Landing.

Funded by: UC Davis Environmental Health Sciences Center, Floyd & Mary Schwall Dissertation Fellowship, Henry A. Jastro Endowment Program, UC Davis Institute for Social Sciences, Environmental Justice Graduate Student Award Program.

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